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Woman gets married three months after being dumped by boyfriend

Many times, hard situations have been referred to as blessings in disguise. This became true for a certain lady.

After a heartbreak, many people lose hope in love but not this lady. After dating her boyfriend for four years, she got dumped but decided to try again. This time, three months in, the relationship ended in marriage.

Nigerian celebrity photographer Uche shared the story on social media. She said,

“This babe has been dating this guy for like 4years then the guy said he wanted a break and I kid you not 3months later this babe is fully married. I have so many questions.”

People had different opinions on the matter. Some supported the woman while others suggested all that she cared about was a wedding.

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  1. Here there is a lesson to learn it’s not about talking but doing something this is even how we enter heaven

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