Netizens attack Gravity for posing with completely naked woman

Netizens have attacked self-proclaimed rapper, Wabuyu Gereson a.k.a Gravity Omutujju for shaing a photo of himself posing behind a completely naked woman.

In front of the camera, a completely nude woman – with just money notes and a baseball bat covering her private parts – stands, with Gravity right behind her; both unbothered!

According to the caption attached to the photo which Gravity shared across all his social media accounts, the rapper is promoting a new song which is set to be released soon.

“New music dropping next week. Title – Omuntu Wawansi,” Gravity’s caption read.

As a couple of his fans marveled at the photo, others were not impressed at all – including some of his fellow artistes like Deejay Crim who left a comment; “Gravity Omutujju, this is beyond!”

“May this song be a Flop in Jesus name. We are fighting immorality in Uganda. We are fasting praying to God that we achieve change of leadership. The country is facing a lot of challenges right now to concentrate on this wickedness. Thank you God for hearing my prayer,” lamented another social media user by the name Sammer Time.

Several other fans and critics express their disgust in following comments as they castigated the singer and the model in the photo.

In the recent past, Gravity has come off unapologetic for his actions regardless of the public’s perception and reactions. But, WHAT A PHOTO!

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