Bebe Cool resorts to door-to-door distribution of yellow T-shirt

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, a renowned diehard of President Yoweri Museveni has begun what he called door- knocking campaign as he canvasses support for his candidate.

Mr Ssali, who is leading a group of artistes on Museveni’s campaign trail has since turned into a chief mobiliser considering the fantastic job he has so far exhibited within 10 days of Presidential Campaigns.

However, there were growing concerns that Bebe Cool and his group were engaging in processions which were leaving supporters in danger because of COVID-19.

Some of the opposition leaders who have since highlighted Bebe Cool and his ilk as violators of EC guidelines.

It must be noted that candidate Museveni is the only contender who has so far complied with the SOPs.

Two of the opposition candidates Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat were Wednesday arrested for failure to comply with the law and insisting on rallying masses for campaigns.

Against that backdrop, Bebe Cool said he is a law abiding Ugandan who treasures life and health of citizens.

He said, he would abandon what the public perceived as crowds and embark on a robust strategy of door to door, hitting the streets of Uganda to mobilise for his candidate.

Without mincing his words, the superstar initiated the new approach in Kotido, Karamoja Sub-region on Thursday as Museveni campaigned in the area.

He was seen traversing the whole town as he sensitised people about dangers of COVID while donating yellow t-shirts to the locals.


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