Buchaman Hands over Army Uniforms to Police

Singer Buchaman real name Mark Bugembe has handed over a number of military attire to Police.

The self-pro presidential advisor on ghetto affairs Tuesday surrendered a number of military attire that he said he had in his possession illegally.

Buchaman Tuesday morning was seen in the company of his wife, kids and self-proclaimed ghetto members who handed over the attire to the Kampala South Police Commander, James Ruhweza in Makindye.

“We are following the directive to hand over all the military attires that we had. I have been on a mission to collect all military attires from my ghetto people.

I want to send my voice and appeal to all ghetto members throughout the country that we have only one army, called the UPDF,”Buchaman said.

He also issued a 14-day ultimatum to anyone with military and any security attires to hand them over or face the law.

“This is a directive that get all military attires and take them to any nearby police station.

Even those calling themselves ghetto presidents, you need to heed to this directive.”

Ruhweza applauded Buchaman and his ghetto group for leading by example.
The development comes on the backdrop of a warning security that operations to crack down on civilians donning military attire will go on.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga urged civilians with military and police uniform or their replica to hand them to nearby military bases or police stations.

Buchaman’s move to hand over military attire in his possession has received mixed reactions from the public with many regarding it as a way intended to attract attention and sympathy from the public following a recent incident in which he was condemned for assaulting singer Rocky Giant.

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