Daddy Andre Wasn’t ‘Man Enough’ for Me-Katatumba Weighs in on Producer’s Love Affair with Nina Roz

Just as Toni Braxton song goes “He wasn’t man enough,” singer Angela Katatumba has revealed the same saying that producer Daddy Andre wasn’t “Man enough” for her.

The ‘Love Me’ songstress said she is not bothered about Andre by and any rumors about him don’t concern her at all.

“About his relationship with Nina Roz,I don’t care a thing about it,if he impregnated her or not,that is non of my business,” Katatumba stated.

Katatumba said the rumors about Daddy Andre and singer Nina Roz doesn’t move her at all and what is happening between the two where reports indicated that they held a private Kukyala ceremony a few weeks ago is one of the things she cares not.

While appearing on NBS TV UnCut show,Katatumba cited that she doesn’t feel hurt or even concerned by Daddy Andre’s deeds, revealing how her relationship with him was done many months ago.

He wasn’t even good enough for me if you like to know but I think he is perfect for Nina Roz through the phrase; “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

The singer further urged journalists to stop bringing up her past with Daddy Andre to the present as she empathized how she is enjoying her new love life with someone else that the public will get to know soon.

“I don’t even think about Daddy Andre but it is you guys who are always thinking about him. Whatever he does, doesn’t hurt or concern me at all and let me also think that whatever I do doesn’t offend him.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s pregnancy and Kukyala rumors I don’t care about it.

So I don’t care whatever happens between the two and you know I moved on long time ago and now am in a different relationship for months now.”

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