Drama as Kawempe North NUP Councilors reject Segirinya’s endorsement over incompetence   

Led by Sylivia Nakyobe, JP Senkya and Safina Namatovu, more than 30 NUP flag bearers for the Kawempe North LC3 councilor slots have unanimously rejected Mohammed Segirinya as the flag bearer for Kawempe North MP Seat.

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They say that the comical Segirinya is merely a Facebook personality with many expensive campaign posters in the constituency but in actual sense, he isn’t on the ground. They have written to NUP Secretariat filing their petition in which they articulate reasons why Segirinya is fatally unfit for the MP job.

The councilors have made it clear that their choice is Suleiman Kidandala Serwadda, who will most likely protest rejection by the NUP’s Elections Management Committee by vying for the same seat on the independent ticket. Today morning, the disgruntled councilors have held a press conference in Kanyanya to denounce Segirinya while showing solidarity for Kidandala.

They have this Monday evening raised Shs850,000 from amongst themselves and paid for the venue already ahead of tomorrow’s media event. It’s not very surprising that they are showing solidarity for Kidandala because many of them previously subscribed to UYD, DP and more recently DP block where Kidandala served as their mentor.

“We have the flag for NUP for the councilor positions yes but we remain very aggrieved that our mentor Kidandala hasn’t been treated fairly yet he is more polished for the seat and has more support on the ground than Mr. Facebook [implying Segirinya].

Being parish councilors, we are close to the community and we know how voters think about these different aspirants. It’s our view that Segirinya isn’t the best to represent NUP interest.

We shall naturally back Kyagulanyi for Presidency and someone else who will be easy to sell to the voters for the MP Seat,” one of the councilors anonymously tipped us.  The same councilor explained that fielding Segirinya as official NUP candidate will actually propel Latif Sebaggala to secure 4th term or at worst deliver the constituency to John Fischer Kasenge of the NRM.

This Website also understands that the return of Latif Sebaggala for the Kawempe North MP Seat has prompted his key ally Shifrah Lukwago to consider bowing out to enable Latif grow his chances at re-election.

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“That means more planning and prudent decision making by us as NUP grass root leaders. We shall make sure we publicly rally behind Kidandala so that Kamwokya doesn’t lose out completely because their Mohammed Segirinya is simply not electable,” says another NUP flag bearer for the councilor position in Kawempe North.

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