Man’s 24-year marriage ends after discovering he fathered only 1 of his 4 kids

Picture this, after 24 years of marriage, it emerges that three out of the four children that you raised with your wife are not yours as you thought.

In as much as we would like to say that this kind of shocking situation only happens in soap operas, the sad story of a man who was caught up in a similar situation proved these things happen.

Taking to Twitter, Khasakhala alias Julius Mmasi shocked the internet after revealing that his close friend was forced to end his 24-year union with his wife after DNA tests results showed that he only sired three of the four kids he raised with his wife.

Even worse, the disgruntled man’s wife admitted to him that the three children were fathered by her boss.

According to the tweep, the man decided to conduct a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the four children after he got suspicious of his wife’s infidelity.

The wife had also disclosed to her second-born daughter that her real father was her boss after the damsel questioned why she and her other two sisters resemble the woman’s boss.

He painfully discovered that the three older daughters belonged to the woman’s boss while the last born, who is a male, is the only child he sired in the marriage.

“The first three kids all girls, two just graduated, the other is in form four. The woman just admitted the three kids belong to her boss. How can you advise someone one this now?” Khasakhala posed.

“A marriage of more than 24 years has just ended abruptly. Meaning if all men decided to go this way marriages will be a thing of past,” he added.

Twitter was awash with reactions after Khasakhala’s shared his friend’s predicament and here are some of them:

Cleopa Muriuki said: “Just imagine after putting in all that effort, time and resources. Devastating. Maybe he was a good dad and the boss was good genes.”

Abraham wrote: “I suggested earlier this month that DNA tests at birth should be normalised. These cases are on the rise”.

Chi Kaunda said: “Now why do a DNA test on grown-up children? African men have raised children who are not their own for years. Now he is going to cheat himself of the joy of his children taking care of him after he took care of them educating them to university level. Some things are never worth”.

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