Mawogola: Woman Names Her Baby ‘Sodo’ after ambulance saves Child’s life

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes in the modern day world. For an expectant mother in Mawogola, her hero came in the form of the Mawogola Member of Parliament candidate Godffrey Aine Kaguta, alias Sodo.

Sodo’s ambulance that saved newly born baby’s life

The mother (whose names have been withheld) is reported to have gone into early labor, with no aiding assistance for her move to the hospital, and was relieved when the newly donated ambulance in the area was availed and delivered her to the Ssembabule Health Centre 4, where she had a her baby boy. The new mum is said to have named her new born son, Sodo, after her real life hero.

The child is said to have been delivered on the floor due to lack of any bedding facilities at the hospital. However, both mother and son are well and healthy.

The newly donated ambulance by the aspiring candidate is the only functional ambulance in the entire district, a situation that has left the health situation in the region in dire need for change.

Mawogola North is expected to carry out its much anticipated NRM primaries next Wednesday, with the fan favorite, Godffret Aine Kaguta facing Ms Shartsi Musherure, the daughter to the Foreign Affairs Minister and incumbent Mawogola North MP Sam Kutesa

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