COVID-19? Secretes behind Sebaggala’s death emerge

Former Kampala Lord Mayor Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala died on Saturday, September 26 morning at International Hospital Kampala where he had been admitted since September 10th.

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A source close to the family refuted the allegations of covid-19 saying that the late didn’t die of coronavirus but he developed a disorder in his stomach, commonly referred to as intussusception.

Prior to his admission to IHK, he slithered in his bathroom where he was discovered upon examination at IHK that he had intussusception; a condition in which one segment of intestine inverts within another, causing an intestinal obstruction.

He was subsequently subjected to an emergency surgery which was successfully performed. He, however, did not recover well until he was pronounced dead.

Sebaggala, a former member of the Democratic Party had recently returned to the political scene when he sought the endorsement of the People Power pressure group to contest for the position of Kampala Lord Mayor, for yet another turn.  He said he was considering a comeback to offer his experience in supporting programmes to eradicate poverty and unemployment among the youths in the capital.

Prior to this move, Sebaggala had served as an advisor to President Yoweri Museveni in 2012.  However, he said he had tendered in his resignation to the president in pursuit for what he referred to as an opportunity for bigger national service to Ugandans.

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The seasoned politician came to the limelight in the late 90s’ when he won the race for the mayor of Kampala beating Wasswa Biriggwa and Christopher Yiga. However, he did not complete his term of office after he was arrested in the United States of America on charges of making false statements, bank fraud, and transporting altered securities.

To Many Ugandans, after crisscrossing from several political parties, and settling in the NRM, Sebaggala was due for retirement.  However, Sebaggala said that politicians don’t retire, they only take a rest and return whenever necessary to offer leadership.

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