NUP candidate withdraws from Kumi County MP race, joins NRM

The opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) Kumi County parliamentary candidate, Twalib Osama has pulled out of next year’s election race.

Osama, who has since joined the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, says he made the decision after receiving several death threats from unknown people.

He claims that his family became concerned and asked him to withdraw from the race to save his life and that of his family. According to Osama, he chose to join NRM to secure his life and the entire family.

“When I was in the field campaigning, rumours were coming to me every day that any time you’re going to be taken. I have been getting the calls. My family and the clan told me; please if the politics that you’re involved in has started to become a problem, why don’t you withdraw and remain in peace’,” said Osama.

Capt. Mike Mukula, the NRM vice chairman for eastern Uganda, who paraded Osama before journalists in Soroti on Saturday, said that he made a wise decision. Mukula said that Osama will now join the big team to canvass votes for President Yoweri Museveni and all other NRM candidates in Kumi.

Osama was competing with six others including FDC’s Sam Emorut, DP’s John Charles Ilakut, NRM’s Sidronius Okaasai Opolot and three independents; Simon Peter Obilan, Godfrey Obore and Solomon Opio. Osama and Martin Imalingat of Kumi Municipality were the only NUP candidates in Kumi district.

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