Photos: Over 400 Ugandan ladies languishing in UAE prisons

Over 400 Ugandan ladies are stranded in the prisons of United Arab Emirates after being detained by their employers.

According to a message circulating on social media, the concerned person is asking for government’s intervention to save these ladies.

According to the person, some of the ladies refused to complete their contracts and others escaped from their masters due to the mistreatment and that’s why they were detained for over 7 months now.

“Hello, let me hope you’re fine am here on your page to ask you please help share these girls they have been in jail for more than 7 months here in Jordan. We tried to contact the embassy for Saudi Arabia to help them and they assured us that on 15th August they will be on the list of those going back to Uganda unfortunately they didn’t take them. My worry is that Jordan very soon is going back into lockdown again and there will be no hope of them going back to Uganda until next year. Let the government of Uganda come out to help our girls their more than 400 girls in jail here in Jordan but I have few of them here in photos,” a concerned person share this message.

Below are some of the photos

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