Police commander Frank Mwesigwa On Spot Over Bobi Wine’s Arrest and Torture in Nalufenya

A section of Ugandans both in physical at Nalufeya Police Station and via social media have shown their toughest objections towards Uganda Police’s DPC Frank Mwesigwa whom they accuse of being used by the regime to torture and kill innocent Ugandans especially those against President Museveni.

Mweigwa who has become a talk of the death of many Ugandans who lost their lives yesterday in Kampala and other districts while protesting the arrest of their Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu in Luuka District during his campaigns, has responded to them to go and report him to International Criminal Court (ICC) if they can.

Mweigwa said while responding to one of Kyagulanyi’s lawyers, Muwadha Nkunyingi who’s had earlier camped at Nalufenya police in Jinja, “I do not care if Kyagulanyi is a presidential candidate. That nonsense is for journalists. My orders are to detain him no matter what. If you want, go and report to the ICC.”

In addition to many Ugandans who have condemned Mwesigwa’s brutality against innocent Ugandans, Mukono Municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakyireke has released a long statement against Mwesigwa.

Nambooze’s Statement Reads

“Yes, this is Police Officer Frank Mwesigwa…He is everywhere in the social media for his role in the Luuka Bobi Wine arrests that have resulted in riots leading to the killing of people by our security countrywide.

Now…I wish to further introduce Afande Mwesigwa…He is the security officer who commanded the operation to break my back….this is Frank Mesigwa a man who attempted to kill me in Sept 2017 when the Junta invaded Parliament. In that joint terror attack on Parliament, Frank Mwesigwa was the commander of the Police section.

Mwesigwa, every time I sit with a painting back, whenever I consider myself as a person with a distorted life…maimed for life…I pray for you, my brother…I pray for your salvation. Counsellors taught me why forgiving others is the best cure…They told me that I will never heal if I don’t forgive the murderer who robbed me of normal health…if I don’t forgive my brothers and sisters who tortured me to near-death…And yes, I forgave them, after all, they were also victims, chosen for a very evil role…of hurting others contrary to what they should be doing as Policemen.

I am however so worried over Hon. Kyagulanyi and other people arrested together with him by Officers and men under his command….. because Mwesigwa commands a deadly hit-squad. Uganda will need a truth and reconciliation commission…Uganda will require quality time to heal…We must give ourselves a Country where Mwesigwa’s children will sit with my children as brothers and sisters in love and all protected, cherished by Mother Uganda.”

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