Tear Gas Rocks Soroti City as Voters Turn Rowdy Over Election Malpractice

Police have fired tear gas to disperse Voters in Soroti East in Soroti City as voters in four polling stations turn violent amid allegations of voter ferrying.

The polling station includes; Kikandani, Acip, TesoIn and Moruapesur.

The fracas ensued when supporters of the aspirant John Robert Esaru alleged that some people were being ferried by the camp of Abdul Latif, another aspirant  to vote, this forced the elections that had already started to be stopped, and they voters could not allow any voting to go on.

This promoted the returning officers to call for guidance and help from district NRM leadership, because the voters became uncontrollable.

Police and army had to intervene, in a civilian approach, but that did not yield any results, it forced the tear gas to be forced.

Tear Gas Rocks Soroti City as Voters Turn Rowdy Over Elections Malpractice 

Musa Oroma, the district NRM Party registrar tried all he could to calm the voters, but he too was not listened too. Oroma was now forced to cancel the election results for four polling stations waiting for the final decision to be taken by NRM district Secretariat.

“Am canceling the elections, in all the four polling stations, why, we the electorates have become violent, and uncontrollable,” said Oroma.

Juma Amanja, the area LC- 1 Chairperson accused Oroma the district registrar for showing sides. He said  this could not have happened if the district was professional with his work.

“Oroma is having sides in the city divisional mayorship, look my people started to vote peacefully but from nowhere they stopped, why,”.He said.

Reactions for the voters, they urged if the police had not shown up, they would have voted well.

There are five aspirants vying to be elected as Soroti East Divisional mayor, the include, Alfred Aruo, Charles Edotu, Justine Ooja, John Robert Esaru and Abdul Latif.

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