Those asking me to hand over power to capable young people are stupid idiots – Museveni

In his letter to the Bazzukulu (grandchildren), President Museveni said he has received many comments especially from the youths asking him to hand over power to the young but says that is not how things are done.

“The NRM answer, young and old, is that politics (which means management of society) is not biology (young, old, woman, man) but ideology. Ideology is like diagnosis of a patient and prescribing treatment,” Museveni said in the missive.

“Similarly, political actors, individuals or groups, must first carry out diagnosis of the society they want to lead and prescribe a cure in the form of ideology, strategy and programs (manifesto).”

Reminding them of the four NRM principles of patriotism, pan Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy, Museveni says these are not mere fashions or statements but ought to be followed to the latter.

“It is because that is the only way we can guarantee the prosperity of each of us by creating big markets for our products.

Museveni says the ruling NRM government has always worked for Africa’s integration, politically, economically and socially in a bid to create a modern country with educated and knowledgeable people.

He says that when people are educated and knowledgeable, they can well articulate issues, other than always focusing on people’s age.

“That is how many of you are on the social media, using the internet and the telephone systems the NRM put in place. You are not shouting across valleys with unaided voices but using the systems that the NRM put in place.”

The president adds, “Democracy is how you are able to give your frank opinions, vote for the ones you prefer, socialize freely the way we have been doing until Covid-19 came in. Every principle of the NRM has got serious implications for the destiny of the Black and African races.”

Explaining the need for all Ugandans to contribute to historical tasks, Museveni argues that it is the reason his NRM government is multi-generational with grandparents, parents and grandchildren all serving well.

“I am in leadership because my party nominated me and I accepted because I know there is work for all of us to do. The majority of the people in government are young people, but young people working with the old ones.”

“If you are not happy with this, you have your parties. Peacefully, compete for votes like the others have done Mzee Ssemwogerere, Besigye, Mama Miria, the late Mzee Ssebaana, Mayanja Kibirige etc. To argue for only biology and not ideology is a disaster for the country. Actually, that is what happened at Independence, in 1962.”

A number of people, especially in the opposition have always urged President Museveni who is now 75 to hand power to the young people who are said to be strong and capable of steering the affairs of the country.

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