Jazmine, Spice Fall Out Over Fik Fameica’s ‘Domestic Reptile’

Reports suggests that two outstanding female stars, Spice Diana and Lydia Jazmine can never share a cup of tea again over Fik Fameica’s sweet cassava.

Spice and Jazmine have been tight pals but lately they can’t even see eye to eye after finding out that they are sharing Fameica’s domestic reptile, according to reports.

Reports suggest that the pair having a silent ‘Waya’ fight.

They have even gone ahead to unfollow each other social media platforms.

An insider close to Spice Diana tipped us that the “Kwata Wano” hitmaker has decided to team up with Sheilah Gashumba who is also Fik Fameica’s ex-lover to console themselves after Lydia successfully snatched their man.

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